Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The past few months...

...Have been absolutely crazy busy! I recently got involved in a fabulous market in Parkhurst called The Super: (www.thesuper.co.za) selling goods made by Ian and myself through The Counter. With all of the public holidays and long weekends, there have only been a few weekends that it has been operating, but so far so good. It's such a lovely way to spend a Saturday in the JHB sun - munching on good food (if I do say so myself), drinking real beer (AndUnion) and amazing cocktails, and listening to some good live music. Come and visit us...

Thought you might be interested in a few of the items we have for sale. So far we've done:

- Tomato and chilli relish
- Lemonade cordial (Using lemons grown on my family game farm in the Waterberg - Swebeswebe)
- Rosewater apricots
- Vanilla poached pears
- Lemon curd
- Mayonnaise
- Plum jam
- Plum and vanilla syrup
- Marula syrup

Everything is homemade with absolute love by myself and Ian. Each week we also do a hot meal that you can enjoy at the market. Bacon and brie sammiches, smoked chicken and peppadew sammiches, coconut chicken curry, French toast with bacon and maple syrup and the bestest brownies you will ever eat. EVER.

It has been a tough few months, working five days a week (as well as a lot of long nights) and then waking up early on a Saturday morning to spend the day at The Super. But it is so worth it! I'm spreading as mouch Counter Love as I can...

Spread the love too...




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  1. They Sounds Awesome! Will have to make a turn sometime! :)