Thursday, January 13, 2011


1. Today I feel...Super excited for the year ahead!
2. Last night...I went for 'one' after work drink at the restaurant and ended up having a few shots and two meals..Six hour restaurant visits are always the best. Especially with great company.
3. This week...Has been very interesting so far.
4. Drink of the moment...Berry and mint smoothies and Jack Daniels with a splash of lime
5. The best present I got this Christmas was...A beautiful new camera. Oh, and my whetstone. Oooohhh, and the new Justin Bonello cookbook!
6. Last film you watched...A Lot Like Love - Amazing romantic comedy...
7. This year I plan to...Open up my own business! And I am STRESSING and super nervous about it...

Thanks to Being Brazen for the 'It's for You' questions...




P.S - The gorgeous ring picture above is a custom made creation from Thula Jewellery. Thula is mostly sold overseas, so please start buying and supporting South African entrepreneurs. I am Proudly South African...Contact Jessica Jones -

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