Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Blog

So I've never done this before. Share my thoughts and experiences with the world...I mean, whose to say that anyone is actually interested in my life?

What do I write about? Do I explain how I wake up in the mornings at 05h30, shower, brush my teeth, change and get to work by 07h00? Work all day and sometimes all night, get home to my little flat and smash my couch in my face most nights? I think not - that's a little boring isn't it?

For now, let's keep it super simple. I am a 27 (eeek) year old woman (girl at heart) living in Joburg. I work as an Events Manager for a top notch catering company in Joburg north and at times I love my job. I have an amazing and insane family, a divine bunch of friends and a great life. I have been truly blessed it seems.

I am also addicted to social networking...Find me on Facebook and Twitter, all day every day.

My ultimate dream in life is to own a beautiful little deli/bakery serving amazing sandwiches and smiles. :) To me, food is life and it makes people happy. That's what I want to do - make people happy. And mostly, not have a boss. Yugh.

Watch this space...




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