Friday, January 14, 2011

I like lists...

...A lot. I write lists in my head all day, every day. So here goes another one - and expect a lot of these in the future.

So far 2011 has taught me that...
...Making your own bread is both fulfilling and delicious.
...People will never change. NEVER.
...Men are odd creatures and I don't think I will ever fully understand them.
...Purple is the new black.
...My feet scar as badly as the rest of my body and being Keloidal is not fun!
...Some people love goats more than others.
...Sometimes all you need is a dinner with your favourite friends to cheer you up.
...Tough times show you who your true friends are - A wise and very good friend taught me that.
...A craving for dim sum will not simply vanish - it needs to be fulfilled.
...Rainy days should be spent at home. Under a blankie. With a hottie. And a good movie.
...A whetstone is the best way to sharpen a knife.
...Justin Bonnello has the greatest life a man can lead.
...Children grow up far too quickly for my liking.
...There is no worse personality trait than not being able to admit when you are wrong.
...This is going to be an amazing and challenging year!




  1. I like lists too - but im sure you have figured that out ;)

    PS - Water for Elephants is so AWESOME. So glad you are loving it. I cannot wait for the film.

  2. Yes well, darling, all of my inspiration comes from your blog anyway! I;m just a little old copy cat. I wish I understood how to and had time to make mine as pretty as yours. :)